Ozonetel Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) helps transform CX at every step of the customer journey. With Ozonetel CCaaS, you can take your contact center live in record speed and maintain seamless operations with best-in-class features.

How Ozonetel CCaaS works

All the services of the Ozonetel CCaaS are provided through AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is connected to a Point Of Presence (POP) which is internally managed by Ozonetel. These POPs are connected to the SIP Trunks which are provided by Ozonetel or owned Trunks by a contact center. There is different pricing for different services, click here to know more. When a caller/customer dials a contact center, this call will be connected to the telecom POPs which sends information to the CCaaS logic which is in AWS, and then routed to the respective contact center and the available agents. This is for an inbound call, and vice versa if it is an outbound call.