As an admin, one of your primary tasks is to create agents and assign them appropriate permissions. The People options provide you with a range of functionalities to create, edit, and monitor agents, as well as assign specific roles and permissions. This guide will walk you through the steps to effectively create and manage agents within the CloudAgent platform. Also, go through the following video tutorial that demonstrates how to create and manage an agent.

Adding a new agent

  • Login to the CloudAgent portal as an Admin.
  • Click on Agents under People in the Admin tab as shown below.
  • On the Agents window, click on the 'Add Agent' button to create new agents as shown below.
  • Add the fields to create an agent which are explained below.
Agent ID*The name by which the Agent is to be mapped on the portal
Password*Password can be any alphanumeric character
Agent Name*Can be the same as the Agent ID if required
Email Email ID is optional
Agent DataAdditional Information on the Agent
Select Agent Modes*One mode needs to be selected.
Inbound: Inbound call only 
Manual: Outbound call  
Preview: Outbound call with preview options to view customer numbers that are dialed by the system 
Progressive: Outbound calls that are dialed sequentially by the system 
Blended: Agent who can handle both Inbound and Outbound calls 
Digital: Agents can handle all texting channels like web chat, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.
Auto answer SIP callsThis option allows you to set for each agent whether they should auto-answer calls. The options are: 
None:All calls have to be manually answered 
Inbound: Inbound calls are auto answered but for outbound calls (dialer calls) agent will have to click and answer 
Outbound: All dialer calls will be in auto answer while the Agent will have to click and answer the Inbound calls 
All: All types of calls will be in auto-answer mode 
NOTE: Manual dialing calls will always be in auto-answer mode
Priority*Agent priority is based on skill level as to whom the inbound call should land first. Priority 1 is the highest.
Add GroupsUse this field to assign an agent to the available groups within the account.
Skills (Level of priority skill-wise)  This option allows agents to be in different priorities in different skills. 1 is the highest priority (Calls are offered first for this priority) and 9 is the lowest for an agent.



  • The fields with '*' are mandatory fields
  • To be fully operational, an agent must be linked to a Skill group.

Locking an agent

Agent locking in CloudAgent helps to temporarily restrict an agent's access to the CloudAgent portal without deactivating their account. When an agent is locked, their ability to log in is temporarily suspended, preventing them from handling interactions or utilizing system features.

Bulk Upload Agents

The Bulk Upload Agents feature enables administrators to efficiently add multiple agents simultaneously, with a maximum limit of 1000 agents per upload. For uploads beyond 1000 agents, divide the files into smaller batches and upload them individually.

  • Click on the Bulk Import Agents button as shown below.
  • Download a sample XLS file and add the relevant agent data. Once the XLS file is filled, drag and drop it into the pop-up window or select it from your computer.  
  • Once you click on the "Import" button as shown below, the system will add the agents from the file that was uploaded.

Agent Deactivation / Activation

When an agent is deactivated, their access to the CloudAgent system is temporarily restricted. It's important to note that deactivation doesn't erase the agent entirely.

During the deactivation period, modifications to the agent settings are not possible. However, you have the flexibility to reactivate the agent at any point in the future.

Additionally, the system allows for efficient management of multiple agents by enabling the selection and adjustment of their status to either active, deactivated, or locked.

The deactivated agents can still be added to a group, providing continued flexibility in organizing and structuring agent configurations.

Access the three-dot menu associated with each agent to manage the deactivation or activation settings.