CloudAgent 2.0

06 May 2023

What's New

  • Connecting a Whatsapp number with CloudAgent is easier now.
  • Agents can connect with customers on WhatsApp without logging into CloudAgent. We call it the ‘Switchboard’
  • The agent-customer relationship is taken a step further. Level up your service with the new ‘Sticky Agent’ feature
  • Manage your agents efficiently with the new ‘Auto Logoff’ configuration control in the Admin Panel
  • Tired of complaints from customers of repeated calls? Control the number of outbound calls to a customer in a single day
  • What are your agents doing on screen during calls? We’re giving you access with the screen recording option. Know how agents are using tools effectively during calls
  • You’ve been wanting to provide priorities to your performing agents in a skill. We’ve heard it. Time to prioritise & see you improve
  • No more report download issues & follow ups. Download a report & access it through a link in seconds
  • Need a Sneak-peak of what agents are doing in the call? Get a screen recording of each call your agents are handling. Yay!

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve cleaned up some dust in the cloud. Everything seems to be settled now.