Pause Reasons

Agents may need to take breaks during their shifts for various reasons. To track these breaks, pause reasons are often used. Pause reasons are used to define the specific reason why an agent has taken a break, such as for lunch, a personal issue, or a training session.

As an administrator, you can define the pause reasons along with the pause time based on your business requirements. The system will then track when agents go on pause and the reasons for their breaks. Once the pause time has expired, the agent will receive a notification indicating that they can return to their work.

If the pause reason or timer needs to be changed, the administrator can do so by clicking on the "3 dot menu" for the respective pause reason and deleting or modifying it as needed.

It is also possible to export the pause reason data in XLSX format. The following video tutorial provides additional insights into the process of assigning pause reasons to your agents.