Understanding Agent Interface

In this section, we'll explore the agent interface, understanding its elements and functionalities to enhance your performance.

Primary options

  1. Status Update - Ready or Pause: When you log in, you're in 'Paused' state. Click 'Paused' to switch to 'Ready'.
  2. SMS: Send texts to customers when needed.
  3. Notifications: View admin chat broadcast messages for emergency notifications.
  4. Agent Actions: Force 'Ready' / Refresh / Change Password / Logout.

Agent Modes

Agents can choose the following handling modes for communication:

  1. Inbound: Handle incoming calls and emails.
  2. Manual: Make manual outgoing calls.
  3. Progressive: Manage Auto dialer calls (Progressive type).
  4. Preview: Handle Preview dialer calls.
  5. Digital: Manage digital channels (Webchat, Inbound SMS/Texting, Whatsapp, Social Media).
  6. Blended: Handle any of the above channels all in one mode.

In CcaaS Update

In the In-CcaaS (in-ccaas.ozonetel.com & ccaas.ozonetel.com) version of the agent toolbar, agents can minimize the toolbar as needed.