Dialer Data Management


Ozonetel empowers you with a diverse suite of auto-dialers that are built for businesses of all sizes, each tailored to specific business needs and engineered for maximum automation and efficiency.

  1. Preview Dialer
  2. Predictive Dialer
  3. Progressive Dialer
  4. IVR Dialer

Choosing Your Dialer

Curious about which dialer is right for you? Let us guide you! Our Auto-Dialers Overview page offers a comprehensive comparison to make your decision easier.

Data Management

Across all dialers, data management is facilitated via the Campaign configuration, utilizing the following fields:

All dialers share the same data management system. The Campaign configuration Campaign configuration provides the following to manage & customise the data.

  1. Mapping Name: This outlines the names of all the fields visible on the agent's screen.
  2. Upload File: Upload data matching the structure defined in the mapping file to ensure accurate data transfer into the dialer.

Explore the Data tab within the campaign configuration to view the uploaded data.


To configure any dialer in a campaign, refer to the Outbound Campaign creation article.


For Preview, Progressive, and IVR dialers, the Call detail report helps analyze both live and historical data. Make use of the filters to gain insights into the campaign-wise call performance trends.

For the Predictive dialer, use the Predictive Campaign Performance report to analyze both live and historical data. Gain insights into the campaign-wise call performance trends.

What’s Next

To understand more about the dialer's use cases, refer to the next pages.