Outbound campaign functions

This article explains on the different functions of an outbound campaign and explores their various use cases.

If the campaign shows Ready Position, click on the Stop/Start button to start the Campaign. See the next image for an example. If the campaign is in the Running Position, click the same Start/Stop button to stop the campaign.


To reset a Campaign, the administrator must click on the Reset button and then confirm the action.

The below image shows the fields "From Date", "To Date", "Status", "Reason", "Dispositions", "Priority", "Agent", and "Skill" are used to filter the customer records for the Campaign reset. The administrator can select the desired values for these fields to reset specific customer records.

The reset function will clear the previous status of the customer records and make them available for redialing. This allows the Campaign to be run again with updated information and improved efficiency. The administrator will receive a notification message indicating the successful completion of the reset action on the Campaign. After resetting the Campaign, the position of the Campaign will change to Ready and Administrator can then start the Campaign.



Resetting a Campaign can only be done when the Campaign is in a Stopped or Completed state and not in a Running or Ready state.


The administrator also has an option to completely delete the records by clicking the Delete tab.

When the administrator clicks on the "Delete" tab in the CLOUDAGENT interface, a warning message will appear to confirm the deletion. The message will ask the administrator to click on the "OK" button to confirm that they want to delete the selected records. Once the administrator confirms the deletion, the customer records will be permanently removed from the Campaign, and the administrator will have to upload new customer data if they want to include those records again. This is a precautionary measure to prevent accidental deletion of important data.


Administrators can click on the Download button to download the data. The download option will be available in the Ready/Completed position.

Once the Administrator clicks on the Download tab, a new window will open displaying the customer records. Administrators can then download and save the customer data in CSV, EXCEL, XML, or PDF format.

Add Data

Administrators can click on the Add Data option to upload the new customer records to the existing/new campaign.

The Add Data option will only be available in the Ready/Completed position of the Campaign. Clicking on the Add Data tab for a selected Campaign will open a new window. Administrators can upload the new/existing file stored on their desktop and click on the save button (See the below Image). The file to be uploaded is the Excel file created as per Table 2.



Add Data cannot be used while the campaign is in the Running Position.

Force Complete

Administrators can forcefully end the Campaign by clicking the Force Complete tab.

This marks all the active customer records (records that are still not dialed by the campaigns) as complete, and the position of the Campaign will change to complete. The Administrator will observe the message highlighted in the red box on the top of the screen once the Campaign is force completed.