Logging in

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the supported browsers for CLOUDAGENT. The images used in the guide are typically taken on Google Chrome, but they should also be applicable to Mozilla Firefox as well.

To access the login screen, please use the following URLs based on your account:

Domestic CCaaS users: https://cloudagent.ozonetel.com/
International CCaaS users: https://beta.ccaas.ozonetel.com/

Simply click on the appropriate URL to reach the login screen.

To access the Admin Portal, click on the Admin tab and enter the Username and Password provided by Ozonetel. Once logged in, you can add the page to your favorites for easy access in the future.

Once the Administrator logs in to the Portal, the home screen appears with the menu options Dashboard, Reports, Campaigns, Templates, and Admin.

The toolbar options are as follows:

  • Dashboard (Real-time dashboards, Reports of the Current day)
    • Used to get an instant view of the Call Center and Agent Status, Agent Monitor, and System Monitor.
  • Report (for Live and Historical data)
    • To get the Call detail records, Admin Dashboard, etc.
  • Campaigns
    • To conduct Inbound and Outbound calls using Manual, Predictive or Progressive dialing.
  • Templates
    • To create default template messages for Email, WhatsApp, and SMS.
  • Admin
    • To add Users, Agents and to configure Telephone numbers, Skills, Pause reasons, and Dispositions. etc.

All the tabs will be explained in detail in the following sections.