Agent Settings

CloudAgent provides a set of agent settings to provide the administrators with the tools to configure and manage the contact center effectively. These agent settings allow administrators to customize various aspects of the system, and define user roles and permissions for the agents.

Accessing the settings

  • Login to the CloudAgent as an Admin
  • Click on the Agent Settings under Settings in the Admin tab as shown below

Key Settings

Below are the settings available and their descriptions

Customer Information Display On CallOn Agent Screen, top right corner we observe this button, which helps to see the data uploaded in Dialer when "Progressive OR Preview" dialers are used.
Agent Internet connection checkTo verify Agent internet status. This can be observed on the Agent login screen, bottom right corner --> "Troubleshoot" button
Agent Application Connection CheckTo verify Agent Application status on Agent PC. This can be observed on the Agent login screen, bottom right corner --> "Troubleshoot" button
Agent Force Logoff AlertThis is a notification for Agent when Admin Force logoff him on Admin Dashboard
Agent Force Release AlertThis is a notification for Agent when Admin Force Release him from Admin Dashboard
Agent Call AlertAgent gets a notification when a call is getting initiated on his Screen.
Callback AlertIf the agent has set a manual call back, chrome notification shows an alert 5 minutes before the callback.
Parameter to send Agent IDProduct will pass Agent details during the "Screenpop" hit when a call is triggered. This is used if CRM need to get a few parameters from the Contact center to the CRM application so that CRM will use these parameters directly for its internal use.
Parameter to send Agent KeyUsed in screen pop URL based on setting “Send Custom Params in CRM”
parameter to send UsernameUsed in screen pop URL based on setting “Send Custom Params in CRM”
parameter to send the agent logged in Phone NumberUsed in screen pop URL based on setting “Send Custom Params in CRM”
Send Custom Params in CRMThis is check marked for the above fields to enable to CRM.
Send SmsThis is the setting to SMS provision on Agent toolbar.
sms url If the customer procures SMS API from us, these are used to configure the application URL.  
Format: Get Request,{0}&api_key=KKxxxx&message={1}&from=+15xxxxxx
check If Number BlockedCan block the numbers for any incoming calls to DID. This helps to check internally if the Number is blocked.
Hide customer phone no. in agent toolbar.Can hide the Customer number on the Agent screen when a call is initiated.
Group DispositionsDisplay the Disposition on Agent screen with one drop down. Ex: SalesEnquiry; Salescall etc.., If Agent clicks on Sales, it shows Enquiry & Call in drop down. This is just for view purpose. In reports it comes in single column. There is no separate column.
Add data to screen pop
Agent to Keep AliveAgent is kept active when Agent gets reconnected through Internet.
Agent force release by himself.An agent can release himself from his toolbar -- Top right corner, dropdown on his AgentId --> he can view "Force Release" button.
ScreenPop Send callerId param onlyThis is used to send only "Caller number" to CRM Application when a call is initiated Contact center hits to Screenpop URL, which is configured in a Campaign.
Drop me delay time"DropMe" button can be delayed to display on Agent screen when a call is answered by Agent.
Agent login allowed IPsAdministrator can decide if they want to restrict agent login locations to specific static ips only
Inbound Call Queue AlertIf an Incoming call is in Queue, an alert is sent to Agent who are in different mode. (Busy mode etc..,)
Disposition HideDisposition can be hidden on Agent toolbar when a call is successfully connected on his screen.
Enable IVR transfer to agent.This option enables IVR transfer on Agent side
Transfer Skill URLCustomized skill transfer URL
Auto release agent after pause time exceedsAgents will be force released to ready state if this feature is enabled. It will work only if time limit is set for the pause reasons.
Allow agent to change passwordThis enables agents to change passwords for their logins.
Allow Transfer in Progressive/PredictiveThis enables the transfer feature in auto dialers
Agent Auto Pause Reason
Dont Close ScreenPop AutomaticallyIf screenpop is opening in new window, then enabling this feature won’t close it after call completion so agent can continue his activity on call.
Agent Desktop AlertsThis is helpful for agents on windows OS
Enable agent scriptWhile the admin might have given the script in campaigns, unless this checkbox is enabled, agent will not see the script in his agent login
Customer Call Record Enable or DisableThis checkbox enables the agent to stop or start the audio recording while on a call with customer. This helps meet PCI compliance so agent can stop recording when collecting credit card information from customers.
Smart ReplyIf enabled agents can choose chat templates (predefined text messages)
MultiLevel DispositionEnables agents select 2 levels of dispositions while in ACW instead of 1 dropdown. This reduces agent productivity though, so use this feature sparingly.
Enable Virtual KeyBoardThis setting enables a virtual keyboard for chat.
Agent to Enable or Disable Transfer Call RecordingIf enabled the agent can record the call when there is a transfer
Skip Preview NumberThis setting enables either to skip or dial the number in the Preview dialer.
Close Preview NumberThis setting enables either to close or dial the number in the Preview dialer.
Close Preview Number DispositionsDisposition reason for Close preview number.
Chat Auto AnswerAgent can decide on accepting the chat.
Toolbar CallerID international formatCaller ID will be international format.
Allow Skill Transfer on Agent PanelThis option enables Skill transfer on Agent panel.
Allow Phone Transfer on Agent PanelThis option enables phone transfer on Agent panel.
Allow Agent Transfer on Agent PanelThis option enables agent transfer.
Agent toolbar Default tabCustomers can choose the default tab for the agent panel.
DashboardAgents can see a live dashboard with call status and agents status if enabled
Auto Logout on Pause TimeoutAgent will be out logged out from the toolbar with the time configured
Hide Audio in toolbar call historyCustomer can choose if the agent can view the audio link on call history on agent panel.
Agent Screen Recording by UCID This setting enables to record of agents' screens for all the connected calls handled by the agent (by UCID)
Allow WhatsApp outboundIf enabled Agents can send outbound messages through WhatsApp
WhatsApp URLConfiguring WhatsApp to send outbound messages
Sms DIDs ListWith this setting, the Super Admin can configure the DIDs and their corresponding vendors. Agents can then choose the DID from which SMS messages should be sent using the agent toolbar. (Please note that this feature is currently not applicable to customers in India).