Restore a campaign

The "Restore" feature in the Campaign section allows you to retrieve deleted campaigns that were previously removed from the system. This feature is essential for data recovery and helps admins/supervisors avoid the permanent loss of valuable campaign data and settings.

Here's how the Restore feature typically works:

  1. Deleted Campaigns: When the admin decides to remove a campaign from the system, the campaign is moved to a "Restore" section. It's not permanently deleted right away, providing a safety net in case the deletion was accidental or if the admin wants to refer back to the campaign later.
  2. Restore Option: Within the "Restore" section, admins can find the list of campaigns that have been recently deleted. Each deleted campaign entry has a "Restore" button associated with it.
  3. Retrieval: By clicking the "Restore" button for a specific campaign, the campaign will be moved back to its original location in the Campaign section. All campaign settings, data, and configurations will be reinstated.

The "Restore" feature provides a safety net for admins and prevents accidental data loss, which can be crucial in situations where there's a need to refer back to previous campaign data for analysis or reporting purposes.