Other Features

Agents have access to the following top features:

Agent Notification

Agents receive admin chat broadcast notifications at the top of their screen. The bell icon turns dark.

Agent Pause

Agents can take breaks by clicking the pause icon.

Agent sending text messages

NOTE: This feature is available through an applicable role in the system. Please check with your administrator for further details.

  • To send SMS to customers, agents click the messaging icon. Below is the interface.

Key Outbound Message points:

  • Phone field is prepopulated if texting a customer while on call, else it is empty.
  • Phone number format: E164 (+14089088345, +44987345678).
  • Templates enabled by the administrator come up in the dropdown.
  • Agents can edit templates in the text box.

Call History

Agents can see the recent calls from customers. Contact your administrator to enable this feature.

Agent Performance

Provides metrics like answered calls, CSAT, top agents, and more.

Exception Scenarios & Handling

In case of internet disruptions or issues, use the below options:

Each of the options serves a specific purpose as outlined below:

  • Force to Ready State: Transition from Busy or ACW to Ready.
  • Refresh: Resend events if network issues.
  • Logout: Log out from the system.

Number Masking

Customer phone numbers can be masked in the following format on the Agent toolbar. This is applicable both for inbound & outbound scenarios.

  • Admin can enable this using the 'Show Customer Number from Last N Numbers' setting under 'Admin Settings'
    • Ex: If 'N' is set to 4 - then the last 4 digits are visible for the Agent
  • This masking is applicable everywhere in the agent login wherever customer's phone number is visible