Rules Management

Manual Dialing

When setting up an Inbound campaign, enabling the "Allow Manual Dialing" setting provides users with the ability to initiate manual calls directly from the toolbar. To know more about the configuration refer to the Inbound campaign article.

Auto Answer Calls

Calls can be automatically answered when agents are logged in using their SIP numbers. Within the agent setup, enabling the "Auto Answered SIP calls" setting allows calls to be auto-answered from the agent's side. This is a configuration setting and not directly related to campaign settings. For a more detailed understanding of this configuration, please refer to the Agent configuration article.

Agent to Agent Calling

The internal Calling feature is designed to foster direct communication among agents, thereby boosting collaboration and efficiency within the contact center environment. With this feature, agents can easily initiate direct calls to one another, facilitating seamless information exchange and real-time support.


  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitates direct communication, promoting collaboration among agents for quick issue resolution and knowledge sharing.
  • Real-time Support: Agents can provide immediate assistance by initiating direct calls, leading to faster problem resolution and improved customer service.

How to configure?

  • To unlock this feature, begin by creating an inbound campaign within your CloudAgent account.
    • Use an appropriate DID for the campaign, ensuring that there's a designated campaign specifically for internal calling.
    • Enable the 'Internal Calling' checkbox in the campaign configuration.
  • In your account settings, activate the "Allow Internal Calling for Agent" option.

Points to note

  • The second agent who receives the call will not have access to call controls.
  • Note that there will be a single UCID record in the CDR. Consider using the disposition to facilitate easy identification of call reports.


These reports provide valuable insights into campaign performance and call-handling metrics.