CloudAgent includes user management capabilities such as Sub-Admin creation and role-based access control. Administrators can create new users and grant them restricted access to CloudAgent functionalities. Only authorized staff can conduct certain tasks within the contact center environment using role-based access management. The Sub-Admin role is accessible on demand, letting administrators selectively grant access as needed rather than enabling it for all accounts.

Key Features

CloudAgent's Sub-Admin creation feature allows administrators to define roles with specific access permissions, ensuring users can only access the functionalities relevant to their responsibilities.

The Sub-Admin role is not enabled for all accounts by default. Administrators have the flexibility to choose which users require restricted access, tailoring the access control to suit the organization's structure and requirements.

Sub-Admin Creation

  • Login into the CloudAgent portal as an administrator.
  • Click on the Users tab to create a new user as shown below.

  • Click on the Add Sub Admin button to create a new user as shown below. 

  • Fill in the required fields to create the Sub Admin and click 'Next' to proceed further.

Adhere to the following mandatory parameters, when setting a new password:

  1. The new password should not match any of the last 4 passwords used.
  2. The password must not contain spaces.
  3. It should be between 7 to 50 characters and include at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and alphanumeric characters.
  4. The password must differ from the user ID.
  5. Avoid using control characters and non-printing characters.
  6. Passwords should be updated every 90 days.

On the new page, Two tabs that are Modules and Advanced Configurations will be seen to define the sub-admin permissions as mentioned below. 

  1. Modules: Permissions to ‘Admin Access’, ‘Graphical Dashboard’, and ‘Reports’ can be controlled in the Modules. 
  2. Advanced Configurations: Access to different campaigns can be provided here. At the bottom of the page select the list of campaigns to be added. 

After adding the list of campaigns under the Advanced Configurations tab and providing access levels click Save. This will add the sub-admin.



By default, 15 sub-admins can be created which can be edited in the Admin settings -> Sub User Creation Limit



If the sub-admin creation limit is "50"
• Let’s assume 50 people are added to the system
• Now, 5 have been disabled & 45 are enabled
• So now new 5 more sub-admins are added into the system & enabled
• Now, it is not possible to enable the old 5 people (who have already been disabled) since 5 new were added & enabled in the system (as the limit matches 50 already).