Manage Numbers

The Manage Numbers option, located under the Admin tab, provides a central hub for adding and configuring various types of phone numbers used in contact center operations. These phone numbers are essential for seamless communication between agents and customers, ensuring efficient call routing, and maintaining a high level of customer service.

CloudAgent platform allows you to create Agent Phone Numbers, Dialout Numbers, Transfer Numbers, and Blocked Numbers. Let's understand about each of these available option and how to create them.

Agent Phone

You can either follow the video tutorial or follow the steps outlined below to add a phone number to your CloudAgent account:

  1. Navigate to 'Admin > Configurations > Manage Numbers' and select 'Phone Numbers' from the left menu.
  2. Click on the 'New Number' icon on the top right corner and choose the 'Agent Phone Number' option.
  3. On the Manage Numbers page, click on the 'New Number' icon, located at the top right corner of the page, and choose the 'Agent Phone Number' option.
  4. Provide the phone number (or SIP number) & the corresponding agent name to whom it will be associated.
    1. The format of the phone number can include the country code with '+' or just the number
    2. In the case of SIP number creation, select the 'SIP' checkbox without fail.
  5. Click 'Save' to add the new phone number for an agent.

In-CcaaS Update

During a bulk upload of phone numbers, even if any invalid numbers are identified, only the valid numbers will be added to the system. The invalid numbers will be excluded from the upload, ensuring that only
accurate and valid phone numbers are integrated into the system.

Dialout Numbers

The dial-out numbers need to be defined manually through this option.

Dial-out numbers are used for fallback rules in skills. When you want to dial a particular number when your agents are busy or not logged in, this option is used. Here is a video tutorial that provides further insights into the effective management of Dial-out numbers.

Transfer Numbers

This option defines the list of numbers for transferring calls.

The Transfer Number List is used to transfer calls to a third party. The name and transfer number are added to this list. There is also the option to call a SIP phone if it is supported in your account. The Agent can only transfer to a predefined number if the transfer list is defined. The admin can search the list automatically, and the data can be downloaded in XLSX format. The following video tutorial assists you in the process of creating and managing transfer numbers.

Blocked Numbers

A "Blocked Number" option in a campaign refers to a feature that allows you to prevent certain phone numbers from being called. If the "Block Number" option is enabled on the campaign settings, the system will check the list of blocked numbers before making a call. If the number being called is on the blocked list, the call won't be made. This can be useful for preventing calls to numbers that have previously requested not to be called, or to numbers that have been flagged as spam or fraud.

Block Number Groups

This group can be created and managed by the user or administrator. The "Block Number Group" is a named list of phone numbers that have been designated as blocked numbers. Once a group is created, it can be easily referenced by name when setting up a campaign. This feature allows for greater flexibility and ease of management when it comes to blocking numbers.

To create a block number group, follow these steps:

  1. Access the admin login page and navigate to Admin -> Configurations -> Manage Numbers.

  2. Select the 'New Number' button located at the top right corner and proceed to add a new block number.

  3. Enter a list of block numbers with comma-separated values in the 'Block Number' field. Additionally, specify the expiry date for these numbers, indicating the duration you want them to remain in the blocked list. If no date is specified, the numbers will remain blocked until you decide to update the date at a later point.

  4. You also have the convenience of bulk uploading the list of numbers along with their respective expiry dates through a file upload. A sample file is provided for your reference.

  5. For the subsequent step, please provide a name and description of your choice for the group.

  6. After completing the entry of all necessary fields, proceed to save, and the block number group will be successfully saved.