Callback URL Config

A Callback URL in CloudAgent serves as a mechanism to transmit Call Summary Details following the conclusion of a call, in accordance with user-configured settings. Users can opt to request these details either immediately after each call or at 5-minute intervals, depending on their preferences set in the user settings.


Users need to host the app publicly and ensure it's accessible to CloudAgent. This allows CloudAgent to successfully post the Call Summary Details to the specified URL in form data.


Users can configure the Callback URL in two ways:

  1. From the Campaign creation page.
  2. In the account-level 'Admin Settings -> System Settings page.

However, it's important to note that the Callback URL configured in the Campaign page ("URL to Push" field) is always considered first, and the URL from the account-level page is taken into account only if no URL is configured in the Campaign page.

To access call summary details and sample curl request information for voice callbacks, please refer to the Voice Callback Details article.

For chat callback summary details and sample curl requests, kindly refer to the Chat Callback Details article.

To manage the Callback URL for both voice and chat interactions, admin can use the following settings:

Campaign Settings

  • URL to push: This field is where you specify the callback URL to send callback details.

Admin Settings

  • Call back hit tries: Used when we send “Call details” back to CRM. This helps when call records are not sent due to any network failure.
  • Send callback immediately: This option is used when you want to transmit the "call details" instantly, without including the "Disposition." If this option isn't selected, there will be a 5-minute delay before the callback is sent, and it will include the Disposition information.

Agent Settings

  • Callback Alerts: If an admin has enabled this setting, Chrome notification shows an alert 5 minutes before the callback.
  • Allow Agents to delete callback: When this option is activated, agents are granted the capability to delete callbacks.
  • Allow agent to set callback timezone: This allows the agent to set a callback as per the customer zone.

System Settings

  • Callback URL: In the "Admin Settings" under the "System Settings" section, you will locate the "Callback URL" field. This field serves as a placeholder for the Callback URL.

Account Settings

  • Role_Callbacks: The "Role_Callbacks" needs to be added to the account to access the Callback feature.