Rules Management

Reaching Your Audience

  1. Number of Attempts: Control how many times the system tries to connect with a lead or customer by setting the "Re-tries" option in your campaign configuration. This helps you find the right balance between reaching contacts and avoiding excessive calls.
    1. Re-Tries
      1. The re-tries setting in the campaign configuration lets you manage how many times a call is attempted. By setting the number of re-tries, you can customize your outreach strategy to improve contact rates and connect with leads or customers more effectively.
        Note: The system will initiate an outbound attempt if previous attempts were unsuccessful.
        To configure re-tries settings in a campaign, refer to the Outbound campaign article.
    2. Advanced Re-tries
      1. The advanced retries feature allows administrators to set up multiple retry attempts based on call statuses and dispositions.
      2. For an in-depth understanding, refer to either the Advanced Re-Tries section article (within the Outbound Campaign section) or the dedicated Advanced Re-Tries article.
  2. Max Attempts Per Customer: Set a limit for the number of attempts made to reach any customer across all your campaigns within an account. This can be configured using the below admin settings.
    1. Outbound Dialing rule On
      1. None: Deactivates the maximum outbound dialing limit for a number within your account.
      2. Account: Activates the maximum dialing limit for a number across your entire account. Note that if the account-level limit is set, campaign-level settings are overridden.
      3. Campaign: Activates the maximum dialing limit per day for a number at the campaign level.
        1. With this setting, each campaign can have a specific dialing limit for a number.
        2. For outbound campaigns, utilize the "Daily Outbound Limit per Number" field on the campaign configuration page to set the limit for that campaign (Refer here).
        3. For inbound campaigns, the "Daily Outbound Limit per Number" field appears only when manual dialing is enabled for that campaign (Refer here).
        4. The system resets this data each day at 12 am midnight for the next day's dialing.
    2. Max outbound dialing count
      1. Allows the admin to set the maximum number of outbound dialing attempts for a number at the account level.

Dial Interval

The Dial Interval setting in the campaign configuration determines the time gap between dialing each subsequent record from the campaign data.

Call recording

The call recording feature provides customizable options for Preview, Progressive, and Manual campaigns. Admins can tailor recording preferences based on campaign types, ensuring optimal call recording configurations.

  • Recording Options
    • Admins can configure recording preferences for outbound calls with the following options:
      • Record the Call in Full
      • Record Only the Conversation
      • Do Not Record Outbound Calls

For an in-depth understanding, refer to the Call Recording section of the Outbound campaign article.


Refer to the Call Details report for all the recording details of a call.