Calls have Jitter

Usually, Jitter occurs when an agent in taking calls on a broadband or a network that has latency. Jitter occurring across customers is monitored on the Ozonetel side and it is resolved by our NOC team.

Jitter can occur on Ozonetel to Agent network or from Telecom to end caller ( far end) network or Ozonetel to telecom

Our audio recordings will clearly show if the jitter is on the caller's side or on the agent's side. Based on that necessary action has to be taken.

Ozonetel to Agent network issues

Most of the cases where Jitter occurs on the agent side is for a specific customer network and can occur due to the following reasons

  • The agent is working from home on broadband and is connected on SSL VPN directly to Ozonetel or on VPN to the customer office network
  • IPsec VPN between the customer and the Ozonetel network is showing packet loss. This can happen due to ISP provider issues on either side. Depending on the issue nature, either the customer IT team or Ozonetel networking team will have to resolve but both parties will be needed to diagnose.
  • server utilization on webrtc SBC goes very high ( monitored by Ozonetel NOC and resolved as well )

Once a ticket is raised with support, they will need to go through client-shared samples if found issue voice issue need to capture traces and analyze

Telecom to Ozonetel or telecom to end caller

This has to be raised with Ozonetel support. We will work with the telecom operator to get this resolved.