Handling Chat / Digital channels

All Digital channels are consolidated under the Chat option for agents, regardless of the customer's entry point (SMS, Webchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, or Facebook). Agents handle multiple sessions concurrently, but the chat interface is distinct.

  • During a chat, agent messages appear on the right and customer messages on the left.
  • When another customer contacts the agent, a pop-up notification appears.
  • Incoming chats from multiple customers are organized as depicted below:

  • An agent can go on break while still chatting with customers to ensure they do not receive any new chats from Digital later that time.


Note: Agents receive chat transcripts that include previous interactions, aiding context is accessible only on in-ccaas.ozonetel.com & ccaas.ozonetel.com instances.

Chat screen highlights:

  • Active chat is BLUE.
  • Customer chats display first letter of the name.
  • Customer chat is left, agent is on the right.
  • DISPOSE text turns BLUE if customer ends chat.

Sticky agent in WhatsApp Outbound

The system consistently pairs an agent with a customer for future interactions.

  • After an agent starts a chat, they remain the main contact for that customer.
    • If the agent is free, the customer connects to them immediately.
    • If the agent is busy, the customer waits in line following fallback rules until the agent is available. This ensures efficient customer service while considering the agent's availability.

This feature can be enabled in the Admin Settings (see).

Outbound SMS

  • Agents can send outbound SMS and WhatsApp messages from the agent toolbar. Take into account the following aspects regarding this functionality:
    • The Super Admin needs to enable the 'Role_SMS' for the account to activate the outbound SMS (WhatsApp and SMS) feature.
    • WhatsApp and SMS communication can be managed using multiple campaigns, and agents can select the desired campaign from the available list.
    • Agents have access to WhatsApp and SMS Templates configured for the account, which they can utilize when communicating with customers.
    • As of now, the option to send MMS is available only on https://in-ccaas.ozonetel.com & https://ccaas.ozonetel.com instances.
  • The agents will be able to see the last 20 chats in the ‘Chat History’ tab on the screen pop so that the agent can have a reference of the chat information along with the transcript as shown below.