Call Detail Reports

The Call Details report offers a comprehensive view of each call's metrics, including duration, campaign name, dynamic DID number, and more. It's intended for supervisors to track agent performance in the contact center. Generating the report allows supervisors to get a clearer picture of agent performance on calls and find ways to improve.

Utilize the search field at the top for quick access to specific data. You have the option to search using:

  • Caller ID
  • UCID
  • UUI (Note: A maximum of 500 characters can be searched)

Utilize the Date filter located next to the Search button to refine your data. You can filter data for:

  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 Days
  • Custom (Enter the desired start and end dates to customize your filter)

Utilize the Filter option to refine your data. You can filter data by the following criteria:

  • Agent Name
  • Campaign Name
  • Location
  • Phone Name
  • Skill
  • Disposition
  • Transfered
  • Call Event
  • Call Type
  • Status
  • Campaign Type
  • Duration (in sec)

Instructions on how to generate it are available by clicking here.