Advanced Retries

The advanced retries feature allows admins to configure retry attempts based on the selected disposition values during campaign editing. Please note that the advanced retries option is available only when editing a campaign.

Within the retries configuration setting, users can create multiple retry scenarios by combining call statuses and dispositions.

Let's explore the fields involved in the retry configuration functionality.

Retry Configuration

Max No. of tries per DayThis field allows you to define the maximum number of retry attempts that can be made in a single day.
Max No. of Days to RetryIn this field, you can specify the duration, or the maximum number of days, during which retry attempts will be made.

Prioritize Schedule Retries: Contacts that have not yet been reached will be given priority and attempted first after the scheduled retries.

Retry Conditions

Within this section, you can establish multiple retry conditions, often referred to as cases (e.g., Case 1, Case 2, etc.). Each case allows you to define specific combinations of call statuses and dispositions. You have the flexibility to manage these conditions using logical operators, namely "OR" and "AND."

OR Logic: When you choose the "OR" option, the system will initiate a retry based on either the call status field or the disposition field. This means that if any of the specified conditions are met (either the call status or disposition matches), the system will trigger a retry.

AND Logic: Selecting the "AND" option signifies that the system will initiate a retry only when both the call status and disposition fields satisfy the specified conditions. In this configuration, for a retry to be executed, both sets of criteria must concur. For instance, if the call status field is designated as 'unanswered' and the disposition field is set to 'XYZ', the system will attempt a retry only when the call remains unanswered, and its disposition corresponds to 'XYZ'.

This way of control enables you to optimize your contact center's efficiency and adapt your retry strategies to the unique needs of your campaigns.

For each case, you are required to specify the time intervals for retry attempts after each call. It's essential to calculate the number of retry attempts you intend to make and set the time intervals accordingly. This ensures that the retry schedule aligns with your campaign's requirements.