Integration with FreshDesk

This support article provides a detailed guide on how to seamlessly integrate CloudAgent with FreshDesk


  • Customers must have a FreshDesk account to log in & configure the integration.

Installation of the CloudAgent app

  1. Login to FreshDesk account.
  2. Click on the 'Settings' icon on the left navigation and search for apps as shown below.
  1. Search for the 'KooKoo CloudAgent' app & click 'Install'.
  1. Input the API key in the KooKoo CloudAgent installation page (refer to the 'Steps to get the API Key' section).
  2. The KooKoo CloudAgent widget will be available on the bottom left navigation as shown below.
  1. To customize the KooKoo app, go to 'Admin Settings'.
    1. Search for apps and click on Manage apps
    2. Select 'Go to Developer Portal' and click on 'New App'
  1. Select 'Custom App' and provide a name for the app.


Upload the zip file provided by Ozonetel and click 'Proceed'

Steps to get the API Key

  1. Click on the profile picture in the top right corner and click on 'Profile Settings'.
  1. Select the 'View API Key' tab on the Profile Settings page to view the API key.
  1. Copy the API key and paste in the KooKoo CloudAgent installation page.