IVR flows

An IVR flow, short for Interactive Voice Response flow, refers to the sequence of interactions and menu options that a caller encounters when interacting with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.

IVR systems are automated telephony systems that allow callers to interact with a pre-recorded voice menu using their phone's keypad or voice commands. The IVR flow guides callers through a series of prompts, offering them choices and options to direct their call efficiently to the appropriate department, service, or information.

Let's understand how to add an IVR flow to your Cloud Agent account.

  1. Navigate to 'Admin -> Configurations -> IVR Flows' to access the IVR Flows page.
  2. Click on the "New IVR Flow" button in the top right corner.
  1. A pop-up opens, fill in all the mandatory fields and click on "Save." The fields are explained in the following table for reference.
Flow Name*Name of the IVR Flow
Flow type*Choose either IVR or ICR
• IVR: Interactive Voice Response
• ICR: Interactive Chat Response
CustomThis option is used to customize the flow through some other application. Enter the App URL if this option is selected.
TransferThis option is selected if the call needs to be transferred.
App URL*Enter the App URL. This option is mandatory if you have selected the custom option.