Home Dashboard

This dashboard provides data on the following metrics for four call categories: Inbound Online, Inbound Offline, Outbound Online, and Outbound Offline.

  • Ratio of Connected Calls to Total Calls
  • Average Talk Time
  • Average Wrap-up Time

Access the data through the following time frame options:

  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 days
  • Custom: Choose a start date and end date to retrieve data for the specified duration.

You also have the flexibility to refine the data using the following filter options:

  • Campaign Name: Select the campaign names for the desired data.
  • Skill: Choose the skills for which you need data.
  • Call Type: This encompasses Inbound, IVR, Mail, Manual, Predictive, Preview, and Progressive call types for filtering the data.
  • Campaign Type: Specify the campaign type, such as Inbound Offline, Inbound Online, Outbound Online, or Outbound Offline, for targeted data retrieval.