Mode Type Filter

Admins can select any mode type based on the requirement as shown below, more information on the parameters in the Mode Type are:

BlendedIn this mode, Agents can take all types of interactions (calls and digital) with the customers.
Digital/ChatIn this mode, the Agent can take any interactions based on digital mode for example Facebook, Twitter, Web Chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and Email.
InboundIn this mode, agents can receive Inbound calls and Predictive dialer calls. Since the predictive dialer queues the calls for agents, Inbound mode allows them to receive these calls.
ManualIn this mode Manually type a number in the dialer for outbound calls.
PreviewIn this mode, the agent can see the number in the dialer to dial the call or skip the dialer for auto-outbound calls.
ProgressiveIn this mode, calls are placed automatically for outbound calls.