Calls are not connecting to DID when forwarded from TFN or moblie

Follow this checklist to identify the issue :

  • Call the DID / Campaign where it is configured
  • If the call is answered but disconnects without IVR, check the IVR designer configuration.
    • Is IVR is playing
    • If Yes, then check if the call is dropping at the Skill selection ( you can verify this by checking CDR where it will show ' error ' under skill column )
      • If Yes, Go to Inbound Campaign and add that skill to the campaign.
      • If Skill is already added to the campaign, then raise a ticket with Support
    • If No, then check if it is a text or audio file
      • If you have typed text and it is not playing, retry with a different TTS engine which you can select in the Start node in the IVR designer
      • If it is an audio file, Please check the audio formatting if it is a .wav file. If it is an mp3 file, then raise a ticket with the support
  • If the call is NOT answered, check the call forwarding settings on the TFN or mobile number. Ensure that the forwarding number or destination is correctly configured and active.
  • Then check in your telecom carrier logs if the call is going to our SBC. Usually, they will show in the logs. If you do not have access to logs or you can see the call is reaching Ozonetel, it is a DID configuration issue. Raise a ticket to Support.

Or follow the below flowchart