Getting Started

For a smooth start, here's how to access CloudAgent:

  • Select the blue-highlighted "Agent Login" to sign in as an agent. Don't use the other login meant for Admin.


Bookmark the main login page for quick access. This ensures agents can reach the login screen easily.

  • Enter the appropriate agent login credentials. Once all the required fields are filled, click "Login" to access the home page.
    • In the case of agents using the 'SIP' Login option - SIP number input is not needed
      • Note: Ensure SIP numbers are added in the 'Agent Phone' section of the 'Manage Numbers' configuration page (see details)
      • Note: Make sure the SIP locations are configured appropriately (see details).

Refer to the below table for further details:

Phone NumberSIP: Choosing this option automatically assigns a SIP number to you.
Phone: Select this option if you're using a CloudAgent registered phone number. Enter the number accordingly.
Account IDCloudAgent account ID
Agent IDThe unique ID assigned to an agent
PasswordPassword for authentication, assigned by the admin