Call Routing / IVR


Inbound campaign call routing relies on the design of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, offering options to customize the logic. Various IVR nodes can be used to create sophisticated call routing strategies, ensuring efficient handling of incoming calls.

Here are few important nodes to note regarding the IVR system.

  • Calendar Node (For Office hours)
    • The Calendar node allows you to establish office hours within the IVR system, directing calls to available agents during specified operating hours.
  • Menu Node
    • The Menu node presents callers with a structured menu of options for self-service and streamlined call routing, guiding them to select the appropriate option based on their inquiry.
  • Transfer Node
    • Customizable for efficient call transfers to designated agents and departments based on predefined skills and caller inputs. The Skill configuration further directs calls to agents, other skills, or additional IVRs (refer to the Skills article for more details).

Refer to our Masterclass series for a comprehensive understanding of the IVR system.


For an in-depth analysis of calls disconnected at the IVR stage or during IVR interactions, utilize the IVR Hangup Details report.