Outbound Campaign

An outbound campaign is a proactive initiative where agents make outbound contacts to customers or prospects with a specific purpose or objective. Unlike inbound campaigns that focus on handling incoming interactions, outbound campaigns involve initiating outbound interactions through various channels such as phone calls, SMS, or social media messages.

Creating Outbound Campaigns

Follow the instructions below to create an Outbound campaign. Additionally, refer to the video tutorial for more insights on dialers of an outbound campaign and managing outbound campaigns.

Click Create Campaign and choose the Outbound Campaign option to create a new outbound campaign.

The campaign information requires completion. The details for each field are outlined in the table below.

Outbound Campaign General Fields.

Basic Settings

Campaign Name (required)The name of the Outbound Campaign
Campaign Type (required)From the dropdown box, you can select
● Preview
● Progressive
● Predictive
Sub Admin Assigned List of the sub-admins who can access this campaign.
DID (required)Telephony numbers are mapped to the account. In the drop-down, you see all the numbers that are mapped to the account, select any number from the list.
Dynamic DIDThe dynamic DID field will display available numbers associated with the primary DID. You can select multiple numbers from the dynamic DID field for making customer calls. The system will automatically dial the selected numbers in a round-robin manner to optimize call distribution.

To enable this feature, ensure that the admin setting "Dynamic DID for Campaign" is enabled in your admin settings (navigate to Admin > Settings > Admin settings).

Note: A maximum of 100 DIDs can be shown in the dynamic DIDs field.
Fallback DIDThe Fallback DID feature is used only in the event of primary trunk DID issues, such as trunk or server downtime. Users can choose a number from the list of configured fallback DIDs.

Note: It's advisable to select a number from a different trunk associated with the primary DID for business continuity.
Dynamic Fallback DIDThe Dynamic Fallback DID field displays numbers from the same trunk as of the Fallback DID number. Select multiple numbers for customer calls if the Primary DIDs are unavailable."
Dial method (required)From the dropdown box, you can select
● AgentWise
● NonAgentWise
● Skill wise

General Information

URL to PushThis URL is to send callback details
Hit ScreenPop URI at1. Client-side: If this is configured, the CallerNumber/CampaignName/SkillName is passed to the Agent browser side, so that the data appears as an IFrame.

2. Server Side: The CallerDetails are passed to the CRM Server if this is configured. The data is captured in CRM Access logs. This is typically used by Agents/clients who are not logged into the browser but can still access CRM data. Generally used in Offline Campaigns which allow the data to be accessed by CRM, during the call.

3. Client-side on Busy: This is similar to #1, but, CLOUDAGENT sends the ScreenPop only when Agent becomes BUSY. (i.e., only when he is ON CALL). So, the IFrame on Agent Screen is opened only when the Agent is on Call. i.e., the Client is BUSY.

4. Client and Server: CLOUDAGENT hits the ScreenPop URL to both the Client Side & Server side of CRM. IFrame is also opened and Access logs of CRM will get the data in the backend, #1 & #2.

5. Plugin: This is used for the integration of ZOHO CRM. At this point, we use the ScreenPop URL field = ZOHO.
ScreenPopURLThis is the URL provided by the CRM vendor to fetch the data from the CRM system and show it as
an IFrame on the Agent screen. IFrame is the popup window that appears in the lower half of the Agent screen.
Call PrefixCaller IDs prefix code (Ex: +91, 0, ..)
Disposition Type (required)These options refer to different ways that a disposition, or outcome, can be assigned to a call.

1. None: If the option is selected no disposition is tagged to the call.

2. API: This option means that the disposition will be assigned through an application programming interface (API).

3. Toolbar: This option is widely used. If this option is selected a pop-up will be opened to fill the call summary.
List of disposition codes available to the agent for this Campaign.
Wrapup TimeThis is the time in seconds available to the Agent for after-call work.
Value 0(zero) means an infinite time for the Agent.
No. of Tries
Number of times, a given record will be attempted. Refer the 'Advanced Re-Tries' section in the page below for more details.
ACW for UnAnswered CallsCheck this box if you want the Agent to wrap up unanswered calls. With this box checked, Agents will go in ACW State even for UnAnswered calls.
By default, this box is unchecked.
Block NumberThis is specific to a campaign. Tells whether to consider the blocked call list or not.
Block Number GroupName of the blocked numbers group that is created.
Daily Outbound Limit per NumberSpecify the numerical value to set the maximum daily outbound dialing attempts for a number within the campaign.
RunTime (required)Run time of the campaign.
Priority (required)This is the priority of the campaign. Useful when a particular agent is involved in multiple campaigns.
Dial IntervalTime interval gap at which the next record is dialed.
Customer Ringing Time (required)Ringing time of the call to the customer.
Mapping Name
This field is used to add the headers from an Excel sheet. These headers will be displayed on the agent's screen. You can utilize the provided sample file for upload. The sheet exclusively includes header names, which should be added in Column A.

"PhoneNumber" is mandatory, and the headers include:

- PhoneNumber

- Name
- AgentId
- Skill
- Priority
- CustomFields1
- CustomFields2
- CustomFields3
Upload FileUse this field to upload the data corresponding to the mapping file uploaded in the previous step. Ensure that the file is in Excel format. Add the data directly in rows corresponding to the mapping file. Headers do not need to be included here as they have already been defined in the mapping file.

Valid phone number formats:
040-3056 6821
+(91)-(40)- 30566816
91 40 30566820
040 3056 6828
91 9985392390

Supported special characters in the "Name" field:

1. (
2. )
3. [
4. ]
5. Dot (.)
6. -
7. $
8. -
9. : (Colon)Any entry added to the Name field here will be displayed in the UUI field of the Call Details report.
Music Files1. On Hold
2. On Transfer

Call Recording

Record settings for outbound calls provide additional options for customizing how calls are recorded, catering specifically to Preview, Progressive, and Manual campaigns. Admin can configure recording preferences to include one of three options:

  1. Record the call in Full: Records the entire call, including the ringing tone and the conversation.
  2. Record only the conversation: Records only the conversation portion of the call, starting when the agent and customer are connected.
  3. Do not record outbound calls: No recording is done for outbound calls.


Note: This feature supports calls made from Agent Manual Dial API (refer) as well.

Advanced Re-Tries

The advanced retries feature enables administrators to set up various retry attempts based on call statuses & dispositions. Please be aware that this option is accessible solely while editing campaigns.

Now, let's delve into the fields related to the retry configuration functionality. You can also go through the quick video tutorial for reference.

  1. Retry Configuration
Max No. of tries per DayUse this field to set the maximum number of retry attempts allowed in a single day.
Max No. of Days to RetrySpecify the duration or the maximum number of days within which retry attempts will be made.

Prioritize Schedule Retries: Priority will be given to contacts that haven't been reached, and they will be the first to be attempted after the scheduled retry attempts.

  1. Retry Conditions

The retry conditions lets you decide when to retry based on call outcomes. You can easily manage them using "OR" and "AND" operators.

OR Logic: With "OR," a retry happens if either the call status or disposition matches the given condition.

AND Logic: With "AND," a retry only occurs when both the call status and disposition match the given condition.

Specify retry intervals for each scenario, determining the number of retry attempts and intervals to align with your campaign's requirements.

Campaign settings

  • Recent First: When enabled, this setting prioritizes recently added phone numbers, ensuring they are dialed first by the system.
  • STD Enabled: When this feature is active, the system automatically dials the numbers with a prefixed 0 (zero) added before the 10-digit phone numbers available in the campaign list.
  • DND Mode: "DND" stands for "Do Not Disturb" mode. The DND feature allows agents to make calls to customers who are in the DND mode.
  • ACW for Unanswered Call: Check this box if you want the Agent to wrap up Un-Answered calls. With this box checked, Agents will go to ACW State even for unanswered calls. By default, this box is unchecked.
  • Dial Customer First: With this feature enabled, the system prioritizes dialing the customer first. If the customer answers the call, the system then proceeds to connect them with an available agent.
  • Allow Manual Dialing: This feature allows the agents to make manual calls.
  • Apply DNC Regulation: This feature enables the monitoring of customers' time zones to determine the appropriate calling times for each customer. This ensures that customers are contacted at suitable hours, respecting their local time and adhering to DNC regulations.
  • Apply DID masking: This feature enables the masking of DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers - providing an enhanced level of privacy and security.


Skills enable administrators to categorize agents according to their unique expertise and capabilities. By defining these skills, administrators can allocate campaigns to particular agent groups, guaranteeing optimal resource utilization for each campaign.

Within the 'Skills' section, you can input the list of available skills for agents involved in this specific campaign.


Within the Script section, include a campaign description that provides an overview of its objectives, purpose, target audience, and other pertinent information to enhance team understanding of the campaign's essential elements.

Once all campaign details have been entered, select 'Save' to commit the changes or 'Cancel' to discard any modifications.