Agent Manual Dial

Agent Manual dial Online (Click2Call) API is used to make outbound calls through any web application, as we perform in the agent toolbar manually. This API works only if the agent is logged in as an agent in the CloudAgent toolbar and available in manual or blended mode.

To access this API the following parameters MUST be passed.

api_key*Available in Cloud agent after admin login
username*Cloud agent username
agentID*Unique id for every agent irrespective to campaign
campaignName*Name of the campaign where the manual dial should be initiated
customerNumberNumber to be dialed out
UCIDUnique caller ID used for monitoring call details
uuiThis is an additional data field used to pass application data from an API or user inputs on IVR into the report
formatjson/xml Response format



Parameters with ‘*’ are to be considered as mandatory parameters.

Possible responses

Success response"status": "queued successfully"
"ucid": "90XXXXXXXXX"
Invalid api_key"status": "fail"
"message": "please provide proper user credentials"
Invalid campaign name"status": "fails"
"message": "Campaign is invalid"
Invalid username"status": "fail"
"message": "please provide proper user credentials"
Invalid agent ID or agent is not logged in or agent is not in ready state"status": "Fail"
"message": "Agent is not available"
Missing parameters"status": "Fail"
"message": "All parameters are mandatory"


Further Insights

By default, the domain name is Please refer here to change based on the need.

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