Add Campaign Bulk Data by File

This API is used to upload bulk data to outbound campaigns by sending the data in a file. Both .xlsx and .csv file formats are allowed to upload the data.


To access this API we need to pass all the following parameters:

username*CloudAgent account user name.
apiKey*The API key will be available in the CloudAgent admin login.
file*Both .xlsx and .csv formats are supported for uploading the data.
campaignName*The data uploaded for this campaign.
callBackUrl*This parameter is to receive a response following the uploading process. ** Post request, the response will be attached in the body.
(If you prefer not to specify a callback URL, simply provide a dummy value instead.)
actionstart - Pass the action value as 'start' when the campaign is not running. Once the API is triggered, the file upload process will commence, and upon completion, the campaign will automatically start.

stop - This action parameter stops the campaign irrespective of the file upload process.

Passing no value - The file upload process will start if the campaign is in a stopped state.
Header Parameter -acceptapplication/json



Parameters with ‘*’ are considered to be mandatory parameters

Responses in JSON

Success authentication and campaign
"status": "success"
"message": "Data processing"
Request bucket full"status": "error"
"message": "Request limit exhausted"}
Authentication Failed "status": "error"
"message": "Authentication failed"
File not found "status": "error"
"message": "File is mandatory"
File is not excel "status": "error"
"message": "Only excel files are allowed"
Campaign not found "status": "error"
"message": "Campaign not found"
Campaign is in running state "status": "error"
"message": "Campaign is running"

Callback responses

Data upload success "status": "success"
"message": "Data uploaded successfully"
"campaign": "CAMPAIGN_NAME"
"username": "USERNAME"
Data upload failed "status": "error"
"message": "Data upload failed"
"campaign": "CAMPAIGN_NAME"
"username": "USERNAME"

File validation error

PhoneNumber column does not exist "status": "error"
"message": "Map file doesnt contain phoneNumber"
Campaing type is Agent wise and Agent
column not exist
"status": "error"
"message": "Map file doesnt contain Agent Id"
Campaign type is Skill wise and Skill
column not exist
"status": "error"
"message": "Skillwise campaign doesn't have skill as column"
Empty file "status": "error"
"message": "Uploaded xlsx File Should Not Be Empty"
PhoneNumber Not Valid
RegxUsed : [\W&&[^ \(\)\[\]\.\+\-,]] for validation
"status": "error"
"message": "Invalid phone no.s found at rows [1,2,3,..,n] for campaign CAMPAIGN_NAME"
Campaign type is Agentwise and found
invalid agentId
"status": "error"
"message": "Invalid AgentIds found at rows [1,2,3,..,n] for campaign CAMPAIGN_NAME"
Campaign type is Skill-wise and found invalid SkillName"status": "error"
"message": "Invalid Skill names found at rows [1,2,3,..,n] for campaign CAMPAIGN_NAME"
Columns more than 40 "status": "error"
"message": "Excess columns found at rows [1,2,3,..,n] for campaign CAMPAIGN_NAME"
Name column exceeds 100 character "status": "error"
"message": "Rows exceeded allowed name column size(100) : [List of overSizedColumnList]"
Data limit exceeded "status": "error"
"message": "Data limit exceeded"

**All file validation related responses will be sent while uploading the file.




  • 50000 records are allowed to upload with a single request.


  • Per user 1 request in a minute.

Campaign side data upload conditions:

  • The campaign should not be in a running state.
  • At a time single upload request is processed for any campaign. No concurrent request against the campaign is allowed.


Further Insights

By default, the domain name is Please refer here to change based on the need.

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