Bulk Upload WhatsApp

The Bulk Upload WhatsApp API utilizes this API to provide the user with a status update
regarding the success or failure of their bulk data request.

To access this API the following parameters are required.

file*The CSV file which contains the information to send the WhatsApp message
username*BrandAgent username
campaignName*Respective campaign name where data is to be sent
callBackUrl*The URL which contains the status of the CSV file mapped to the respective campaign

All possible responses

Success Response"status": "success",
"message": "Data uploaded successfully",
"campaign": "Test",
"username": "test"
Error Response"status":" error"
"message": "Data upload failed "
"campaign": "Test"
"username": "test"
Success Response"status": "success"
"message": "Data processing"
Invalid campaign"status": "error"
"message": "Campaign not found"
If invalid user or API key"status": "error"
"message": "Authentication failed"
Uploaded other than csv/excel file"status": "error"
"message": "Only excel/csv files are allowed"
The campaign is other than whatsApp blast campaign"status": "error"
"message": "only WhatsApp Blast campaigns are allowed"
The campaign is already in process"status": "error"
"message": "Campain under process"
The campaign is already in running state"status": "error"
"message": "Campain is running"
The user has exhausted the rate limit"status": "error"
"message": "Request limit exhausted"


Further Insights

By default, the domain name is https://in1-ccaas-api.ozonetel.com. Please refer here to change based on the need.

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