Agent Force Logout by Admin_V2

Agent force logout by Admin API is used to force release or logout the agent by Admin. Agent can be released/logged out from Admin’s portal irrespective of the Agent’s logged-in modes (Not ready, Ready, Busy, Pause, etc.,).

To access this API we need to pass the following parameters.

apikey*Available in CloudAgent admin login
username*CloudAgent account name
agentid*Unique ID of the agent
action* (Logout or Release)Logout / Release



  • To force logout the agent you’ll need to pass the Parameter ‘action=Logout’ or ‘action=Release’. The desired action is determined by the request, where 'Release' releases the agent.
  • Parameters with ‘*’ are to mandatory.

Possible responses

Success response{"code": "200", "status": "Success", "message": "Agent Logout/Release
Invalid api_key{"code":"400","status":"Error","message":"Check input Parameters"}
Invalid username{"code":"400","status":"Error","message":"Check input Parameters"}
Invalid agentid{"code":"400","status":"Error","message":"Agent does not exists
with id a","response":null}


Further Insights

By default, the domain name is Please refer here to change based on the need.

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