What types of call prioritisation features does Ozonetel offer?

There are 5 types of priority features for optimizing call routing, depending on your specific needs.

For Outbound Campaigns

  • Campaign Priority - Used to prioritize specific campaigns or data within a campaign
  • Data Priority - Used to prioritize specific customer records to be dialed first

For Inbound Campaigns

  • Skill Priority - Used to prioritize queues for one skill over another. Please note that this is a custom feature in the ACD and requires talking to your relationship managed for deployment.
  • Call or Caller Priority (VIP Routing) - Prioritizing specific VIP customers over other queues. This is triggered from the skill transfer node in the IVR designer. In addition, API integration with the CRM is done to get the priority of the caller before pushing to the queue.
  • Agent Priorities - Used to define different priorities for different skills for an agent. For example. Agent 1 can be in priority 1 for Sales & Refunds while being in priority 2 for Support.