Integration with ZOHO

This support article provides a detailed guide on how to seamlessly integrate CloudAgent with Zoho CRM


  • Customers must have a Zoho account to log in and configure the integration.

Installation of Cloud Agent app

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM as an admin.

  2. Click on the profile picture on the top-right corner and select 'My Account'.

  3. Click on the Menu icon on the left-hand top corner and select the 'CRM' option under the Sales & Marketing section.

  1. Click on the 'Settings' icon on the top right corner as shown below and select the 'Telephony' option under the 'Channels' category.

  2. Click on Click To Configure.

  1. Click on View Marketplace.

  2. Search for 'Ozonetel' in the search box and select Ozonetel Plugin.

  3. Install the 'KooKoo Contact Center' as shown in the following image.

  4. Select All Users or Specific Users based on your requirements and Click on the Install button.

  5. Now the Ozonetel Plugin is Installed on Zoho One.

Integration of Zoho CloudAgent app with CloudAgent

  1. Login to the CloudAgent account as an admin.

  2. Select the Integration Option on the Admin page.

  3. Toggle the button on the Zoho icon to configure the settings.

  4. Select the CRM Organization on which the Plugin is installed.

  5. Select the PhoneBridge Organization on which the Plugin is installed.

  6. Click on the Accept button.

  7. Integration with Zoho One CRM is now complete. Access the settings by clicking on the icon displayed when hovering over the Zoho button.

  8. Click on the Edit Button to assign the ZOHO CRM username against an Agent and save it.

  9. Click on the Campaign menu and select either an Inbound or Outbound campaign as per your requirement.

  10. Double-click on the campaign name that will be used with Zoho CRM integration to edit the campaign.

  11. From the drop-down menu, choose the Plugin option for the "Hit Screen popup at" field.

  12. In the "Plugin Name" field, choose the ZOHO option and save the campaign.

  13. Now, go back to the Zoho settings page, and click on the campaign menu.

  14. Click on Generate Click2Call against the campaign on which the Zoho CRM plugin is selected.

  15. Navigate to the Zoho CRM login page associated with the mapped Zoho user and refresh the page. If you observe a green-colored call button next to the phone number, the integration is successful.

  16. Clicking on the Call Button will initiate a manual Click2Call and a Business Card pop-up will be shown on the Zoho CRM and the call will land at the Agent login on Cloud Agent if the agent is on Manual or Blended mode.