Chat Campaign

Explore the multitude of campaign options available to establish more personalized and effective connections with your customers. In this article, we'll delve into the creation of chat-based campaigns to enhance your customer engagement strategies.

Creating Chat-Based Campaigns

Chat-based campaigns are created so that customers can interact with CloudAgents via web-based chat. This option is enabled only on demand and is an additional option provided by Ozonetel on request.

On the campaign page, select the Inbound Campaign option and click Continue to create a chat-based campaign.

Fill in all the required fields for the campaign. The below table explains all the fields to enter.

Chat-based Campaign General Fields

Campaign Name (required)The name of the Chat Campaign.
Campaign TypeChat
Sub Admin AssignedList of the sub-admins who can access this campaign.
Campaign IdentifierTelephony number mapped to the campaign. This is the number that the customers dial for this Campaign.
IntegrateSelect the integration options Facebook or Twitter.
IVR Flow (required)Select the IVR flow needed for the campaign from the dropdown.
Number of concurrent chats (required)Specify the number of concurrent chats an agent can manage. The maximum permissible limit for simultaneous chats is 20.
URL to PushThis URL is to send callback details.
Dispositions (required)List of disposition codes available to the agent for this campaign.
SkillsList of skills available to the agent for this campaign.
Save/CancelSave: Commit to the changes.
Cancel: Discard the changes.

After filling in all the campaign information, Click Save to commit the changes or Cancel to discard the changes.