Get call logs

The Get Call logs API is used to retrieve the previous call details of the respective user. This API retrieves call details report for the past month, and data includes the DID, Location, Campaign, and Skill to which the call was assigned, the duration of the call, whether the call has been transferred to any skill, any remarks entered by the agent and more information including the details of the agent.

To access this API the following parameters MUST be passed.

api_key*Available in CloudAgent admin login
user_name*CloudAgent account name
from_date*Start date to retrieve the call log. Day format YYYY-MM-DD
to_date*End date to retrieve the calls log. Day format YYYY-MM-DD
campaign_nameName of the campaign. If needed to pull call logs per campaign then this field can be entered.
formatjson/xml Response format



  • Parameters with ‘*’ are mandatory parameters.
  • The time format to follow while giving the input parameters is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.
  • Date and time should be encoded and passed in the parameter value field.
  • Difference between from_date and to_date should not be more than 30 days.
  • Rate Limit for this API is only 10 Requests will be allowed within an Hour.

Possible responses

Success response"status": "success"
"message": [{xxxxxx}]
Empty api_key“status”: “failure”
“message”: “Please provide API Key”
Empty userName“status”: “failure”
“message”: “Please provide UserName”
Invalid api_key"status": "failure"
"message": "no record found"
Invalid Campaign name"status": "failure"
"message": "no record found"
Invalid Username"status": "failure"
"message": "no record found"
The requested data is for more than 30 days"status": "failure"
"message": "The Requested date should not be more than 30 days"
If more than 10 requests are received within an hour"status": "failure"
"message": "Max Limit Exceeded"
If no data found“status”: “failure”
“message”: “no record found”


Further Insights

By default, the domain name is Please refer here to change based on the need.

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