Delete Schedule Campaign Data

Delete Scheduled Data API is used to delete the scheduled data inserted in the backend. Data is deleted based on row id. A sequence of numbers can be deleted in a single request by passing the range of row ids.

To access this API the following parameters MUST be passed.

api_key*Authentication key available in user detail page
row_id*Can be retrieved from Schedule Data status API



  • Data can be deleted in below methods by passing desired row_id values
  • Single record (example: row_id=1)
  • Multiple numbers separated by commas ( example: row_id=2,3,5,6)
  • Range of numbers by passing rage (example: row_id=3-10)
  • Parameters with ‘*’ are considered to be mandatory parameters.

Possible responses

Success response"status": "success"
"message": {
Invalid api_key"status": "error"
"message": "No data found"
Missing row_id"status": "error"
"message": "Mandatory parameter row_id is missing
Invalid row_id"status": "error"
"message": "No data found"


Further Insights

By default, the domain name is if change in domain name please refer here

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