Set Disposition during call



This Set Disposition during call API will be deprecated by 31st Aug 2024.

We recommend to start using the new version of the Disposition APIs.

This API helps to set the disposition from the CRM Page, instead of setting it from the Agent Toolbar manually. Users can also use this API to ‘Pause after this call’ feature simultaneously disposing of the call.

Agents can update the disposition reason while they are still on call and save the disposition to get queued in the backend. The queued disposition will be updated as soon as the call gets disconnected. Alternatively, if the agent didn't dispose of the call during the conversation, they can still do so during the wrap-up time after the call has ended.


To access this API the following parameters MUST be passed.

apiKey*Available in Cloudagent Admin login
customer*CloudAgent user name
did*Number from which calls are dialed out
agentID*ID of that agent who is handling that respective call
disposition*Disposition that needs to be updated for this call
ucid*Unique identification number of the call that is generated in Agent toolbar
commentsany comments regarding the call
action*Set’ is the default parameter value



Parameters with ‘*’ are mandatory parameters.

Possible Responses

Success response "details": "Disposition saved successfully"
"status":" Success"
Invalid api_key"details": "Authentication fails"
"status": "Fail"
Invalid UCID"details": "Invalid ucid [8189XXXXX] or did [9140XXXXXXX"
"status": "Fail"
If the passed UCID has 20 or more characters"status":"Error",
"details":"Unable to Dispose . Please retry after some time."
Invalid action "details": "Invalid action->XXXXX"
"status": "Fail"
Invalid username "details": "Authentication fails"
"status": "Fail"
Invalid DID"details": "Invalid ucid [8189XXXXX] or did [9140XXXXXXX"
"status": "Fail"
Empty disposition value"details": "Empty disposition code"
"status": "Fail"
Invalid agentID “details”: ”Invalid agent”
”status”: ”Fail”
Queued disposition "details": "queued successfully"
"status": "Success"


Further Insights

By default, the domain name is Please refer here to change based on the need.

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