Add Multiple Campaign Data Bulk

This API facilitates the addition of campaign data by utilizing multiple files. For mapping purposes, the filename in the request payload should match the campaign name exactly, including the case. The order of the campaign and file names can be arbitrary.


To access this API we need to pass the following parameters.

apikey*Available on CloudAgent profile page after Admin login
username*CloudAgent username
CamapignName*comma separated values
files*Multiple xlsx files
CallBackUrl*Users need to add from their end



  • Parameters with ‘*’ are to be considered as mandatory parameters.
  • Data Limit:
    • 50000 records are allowed to upload with a single request.
  • Rate Limit:
    • Per user 1 request in a minute.

Possible responses

Success response{""status"": ""success"",

""message"": ""Data processing for [XXXXX] campaign""},

{""status"": ""success"",""message"": ""Data processing for [XXXX] campaign""}
If Invalid apiKey Key is passed"{""timestamp"": ""2023-06-08T05:22:53.562+0000"",

""status"": 400,""error"": ""Bad Request"",

If missing apiKey key"{""timestamp"": ""2023-06-08T05:22:53.562+0000"",

""status"": 400,""error"": ""Bad Request"",

If passing Invalid userName Key"{""timestamp"": ""2023-06-08T05:22:53.562+0000"",

""status"": 400,""error"": ""Bad Request"",

Passing Invalid CampaignName Key"{""timestamp"": ""2023-06-08T05:22:53.562+0000"",

""status"": 400,""error"": ""Bad Request"",

Passing Invalid CampaignName Value{"status": "error","message": "No campaign found related [XXXX.xlsx] files"}
Passing one CampaignName and one Data file.{"status": "success","message": "Data processing for [XXXXX] campaign"}
Passing multiple campaignNames comma separated and multiple files."{""status"": ""success"",

""message"": ""Data processing for [XXXX] campaign""},

{""status"": ""success"",""message"": ""Data processing for [XXXX] campaign""}"
After hitting BulkData API, user should verify callBack Url API.{"status":"success","message":"Data uploadedsuccessfully","campaign":"XXXX","username":"XXXX"}{"status":"success","message":"Data uploadedsuccessfully","campaign":"XXX","username":"XXX"}
Hitting the callBack url API when data is not uploaded.{"status":"error","message":"Data upload failed","campaign":"XXXX","username":"XXXX"}
Passing multiple campaignNames, Missing one file parameter and pass one file to upload.{"status": "error","message": "File and Campaign count mismatch . Files [1] , Campaign [2]"}
Passing one campaignNames and passing multiple files to upload.{"status": "error","message": "No campaign found related [XXXX.xlsx] files"}
Uploading same file multiple times."{""status"": ""success"",""message"": ""Data processing for [XXX] campaign""},

{""status"": ""error"",""message"": ""Campain under process""}"
Uploading file which is not related campaign.{"status": "error","message": "File and Campaign count mismatch . Files [1] , Campaign [2]"}
When madatory fields are missing in file.{"status": "error","message": "Invalid Skill names found at rows [1, 2, 3, 4] for campaign XXXX"}
Without uploading files and try tro hit the API."{""timestamp"": ""2023-06-08T06:53:27.941+0000"",

""status"": 400,

""error"": ""Bad Request"",""path"": ""/endpoint/dailer/data/bulk/multiple/upload""}"
can we add data to inbound campaign{"status": "error","message": "only Progressive,Preview,Predictive,IVR campaigns are allowed"}
Uploading file when campaign is in Running State."{""status"": ""success"",""message"": ""Data processing for [XXXX] campaign""},

{""status"": ""error"",""message"": ""Campain is running""}"


Further Insights

By default, the domain name is Please refer here to change based on the need.

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