Schedule Campaign Data

Schedule Campaign Data API is used to add data to the dialer(Outbound campaign) at a scheduled time. Time can be scheduled by including the parameter “ScheduledTime” in the request. Data(numbers/leads) consist of mapping(Headers) sequence listing PhoneNumber, Name, Priority, ExpiryDate etc., while adding to the dialer.

To access this API the following parameters MUST be passed

api_key*Authentication key available on user detail page
campaign_name*Respective campaign name where data is to be added
bulkData*Insert data according to map file



  • Following is the format to pass bulkData
    3 sample data:
  • In addition to ScheduledTime and PhoneNumbers(valid), users can pass additional parameters like Name, Priority, and ExpiryDate to respective phone numbers. These headers are to be predefined from the Mapping file while creating the campaign.
  • AgentID header and parameter value are mandatory for Agentwise campaigns.
  • Parameters with ‘*’ are considered to be mandatory parameters.
  • 100 records per request are allowed.

Possible responses

Success response"status": "success",
"message": [{"Response": "success",
"ScheduleTime": "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS",
"campaign_name": "Schedxxxx",
"PhoneNumber": "040XXXXX",
"Name": "NameXXX2",
"AgentID": "AgentID2XXX",
"skill": "Skill_2",
"msg": "Data updated successfully",
"index": "0"
Invalid api_key"status": "error"
"message": "api_key or campaign_name is invalid or not found"
Invalid Campaign name"status: "error"
"message": "api_key or campaign_name is invalid or not found"
Missing ScheduledTime"status": "error"
"message": "Mandatory parameter ScheduledTime is in bulkData map"
Missing bulkData"status": "error"
"message": {
"0-0": "Success response",
"0-1": ""status": "s}
Missing PhoneNumber"status": "success",
"message": {
"0-0": "Success response",
"0-1": ""status": "success",\n"message": [{"Response": "success",\n"ScheduleTime": "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS",\n"campaign_name": "Schedxxxx",\n"PhoneNumber": "040XXXXX",\n"Name": "NameXXX2",\n"AgentID": "AgentID2XXX",\n"skill": "Skill_2",\n"msg": "Data updated successfully",\n"index": "0"",
"1-0": "Invalid api_key",
"1-1": ""status": "error"\n"message": "api_key or campaign_name is invalid or not found"",
"2-0": "Invalid Campaign name",
"2-1": ""status: "error"\n"message": "api_key or campaign_name is invalid or not found"",
"3-0": "Missing ScheduledTime",
"3-1": ",
Invalid Date format"status": "error"
message": "Wrong Date format"


Further Insights

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