Phone Manual Dial

Phone Manual dial (Click2Call) API is used to make outbound calls through any web application, as we perform in the agent toolbar manually. Agents don't need to log into the CloudAgent toolbar to access these offline calls. Agent numbers are assigned as offline(hunting) phone numbers in skills by admin.

To access this API the following parameters MUST be passed.

apiKey*Available in CloudAgent admin login
userName*CloudAgent account name
custNumber*Customer number to be dialed out
phoneName*Name of the offline agent to which outbound calls are to be assigned
campaignNameSpecify the campaign name you intend to use for initiating the call. This parameter proves valuable in scenarios where the primary DID is unavailable, prompting the system to utilize dynamically configured fallback DIDs within the campaign.
did*DID number from which calls are dialed out
uuiAdditional info through parameter
callLimitMaximum Talktime in seconds
checkStatusWhen set to "true" - If the parameter is passed as true, it signifies that the call won't be initiated if the agent is in a busy state. In other words, the system checks the agent's status, and if they are busy, the call initiation is withheld.

When set to "false" - If the parameter is passed as false, the call will be initiated regardless of the agent's status. Even if the agent is in a busy state, the system proceeds with initiating the call.



  • Parameters with ‘*’ are considered to be mandatory parameters.
  • Call duration(TalkTime) can be restricted to desired duration by passing the parameter ‘callLimit’.
  • The API can dial calls using the secondary DID (configured in the campaign) in case of any issues with the primary DID.
    • Either of the DIDs that connect to the first leg will be used to connect the second leg of the call.

Possible responses

Success response"message": "89XXUCIDXXX",
"status": "queued"
Invalid api_key"message": "Authentication failed."
"status": "error"
Invalid phoneName"message": "Phone name not found."
"status": "error"
Invalid username"message": "Authentication failed."
"status": "error"
Invalid DID"message": "Something went wrong. Please contact admin!"
"status": "error"
If an agent is Online"message": "Online agent logged in with same phone number","status": "error"
If an agent is Online and busy on another offline call"message": "Online agent logged in with same phone number"
"status": "queued"
If DID does not belong to inbound Offline"message": "campaign IS NOT offline"
"status": "error"
If an agent is not free"message": "No free agent found."
"status": "error"
"message": "Agent is not free.
"status": "error"
Multiple hits for a single call: When the phone number is in calling mode i.e. the system is dialing to the agent
or the agent has answered and dialed to the customer.
"message": "Call is initiated, please wait"
"status": "error"
The campaign is not offline and the phone name is wrong"message": "campaign IS NOT offline"
"status": "error"
Passing checkStatus=true, when the agent is busy"message": "Agent is not free.","status": "error"
Passing checkStatus=false.A new UCID will be generated in API Response and again the second call will route the agent.


Further Insights

By default, the domain name is Please refer here to change based on the need.

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