Agent State Summary

Agent State summary API is used to retrieve agent state summary data, shown in CloudAgent interaction Analyst.

To access this API we need to pass the following parameters.

apiKey*Available in CloudAgent admin login
userName*CloudAgent account name
agentId0 To fetch data For all agent details, multiple agent IDs’ can be passed by comma separated
modeType0 To fetch data for modes like inbound, and outbound modes, multiple mode type(Progressive, Preview, Chat etc.,) can be passed by comma separated
fromDateDate and Time in format yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
toDateDate and Time in format yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss



  • The maximum Data available from this request is for 30 days.
  • Parameters with ‘*’ are considered to be mandatory parameters.

Possible responses

Success response"status": "success"
"message": {
Invalid apiKey"status": "error"
"message": "userName or apiKey is Invalid"
Empty apiKey"status": "error"
"message": "apiKey should not be empty"
Invalid userName"status": "error"
"message": "userName or apiKey is Invalid"
Empty userName"status": "error"
"message": "userName should not be empty"
No data is found"status": "error"
"message": "No Data Found"
Invalid Date format"status": "error"
"message": "From and To Date should be in yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss Format"
If fromDate is more than toDate"status": "error"
"message": "From Date Should not be Greater than To Date"
If the requested data is for more than 30 days"status": "error"
"message": "Difference Between From and To Date should not be Greater than 30 Days"
When All modeTypes are Invalid"status": "error"
"message": "Mode Type is Invalid"
When All agentIds are Invalid"status": "error"
"message": "agentId is Invalid”


Further Insights

By default, the domain name is Please refer here to change based on the need.

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