Call Control in Conference



This Call Control in Conference API will be deprecated by 31st Aug 2024.

We recommend to start using the new version of the Call Control in Conference APIs.

Call Control API is used to perform toolbar actions when dialing through offline campaigns. This API helps in taking a third-party number into a conference and then can Mute, Unmute, Hold, Unhold, and KICK_CALL(which is also DROP) numbers without the interference of Agent login.

To access this API the following parameters MUST be passed.

ucid*Unique ID generated when offline call is initiated
conferenceNumber*For the In-CcaaS instance use the format: Prefix "0" (zero) followed by a 10-digit number.
For International instances use the format: Prefix the country code with a plus sign (+), followed by the phone number.
did*Phone number through which calls are dialed out to agents and customers
agentPhoneName*Phone name associated with an agent number
api_key*Available in CloudAgent admin login
outputxml/json (desired output format)
playRing*Should be 'true' always
sip"true" - if the conference number is a SIP number



  • Desired ‘action’(parameter) impacts the PhoneName that is passed in the parameter field.
  • Parameters with ‘*’ are mandatory parameters.
  • Always pass the agent phone number in the 'conferenceNumber' parameter to use 'KICK_CALL' action
  • No call controller options will be shown to the SIP agent when a conference call is answered

All possible responses

Success HOLD response"status": "Success"
"message": "User hold is successful"
Success UNHOLD response"status": "Success"
"message": "Call is Un-hold successfully"
Success MUTE response"status": "Success"
"message": "call got mute successfully"
Success UNMUTE response"status": "Success"
"message": "unmute success"
Success response to END"status": "Success"
"message": "call got disconnected"
Failure response"status": "Error"
"message": "Call not Found"
Failure response"status": "Error"
"message": "Please pass valid Conference number"


Further Insights

By default, the domain name is Please refer here to change based on the need.

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