Delete Block Number(s) from a Group

This API is used to delete a phone number from a Block Number Group.

For authentication, provide your username ( Cloud Agent username ) and password ( API key associated with your account ) in the Authorization section.

Body parameters

Add all the following parameters in the BODY PARAMS section.

Parameter (new Key)Description (new value)
idBlock Number Group ID
blockNumbersPhone numbers to be deleted from the group


Rate Limit

This API supports the deletion of up to 100 phone numbers in a single request.

Possible responses

Passing Invalid 'username' in Authorization{"status": "error","message": "Authentication failed"}
Passing Invalid 'password in Authorization{"status": "error","message": "Authentication failed"}
Passing invalid Id key parameter.{ "status": "error","message": "Parameters are mandatory"}
Passing invalid Id value parameter.{ "status": "error","message": "Invalid group id"}
Passing invalid blockNumbers key parameter.{ "status": "error","message": "Parameters are mandatory"}
Successfully deleting multiple leads in Block Number Group"{""status"": ""success"",""message"": ""deleted"",""input"": {""id"": 1,
""blockNumbers"": [""91XX88XXX8"",
""output"": {""success"": [
""error"": [],""deleted"": 4}}"


Further Insights

By default, the domain name is Please refer here to change based on the need.

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